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  • digital marketing and social media

    We conceptualize, develop and design interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant, inform or entertain.

    Together, we can create effective ways to inspire audiences by connecting them to ideas and information.

  • Well designed, technologically current websites that clearly showcase content are powerful storytelling tools.

    At sprint interactive, ui/ux is a well-coordinated team effort between copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, programmers and trusting clients (that's you, we hope) — all working together to tell a great story.

  • we tell stories from data

    If pictures are worth a thousand words, consider an infographic a novel. Through data visualisation we can simplify complex data and abstract ideas into visuals that are fun to look at and easy to understand.

  • good branding = good story telling

    Today, companies know their assets. Nine out of ten sell the same products and services – same look, same performance, same value and price.

    How do you tell them apart?

    By their communication, their branding.

Client Testimonials

  • Social Development Network (SODNET)

    Sprint Interactive and their work ethic has earned a deserved premier creative partner at SODNET in all its work, now spanning into 17 African countries at the National Level and within the next few months at the level of the African Union.

    - Philip Thigo


    Sprint Interactive have been an invaluable partner in a number of projects. Among the attributes we have enjoyed from them is attention to detail and excellent service.

    Of note, the projects that we did together are for Old Mutual Kenya and also for Spread the Love Campaign (STL), of which we are the communication partners.

    - Amani Maranga

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    We are always intrested in hearing from people and companies that are passionate about their products and ideas.


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