Our UI/UX Services


These days, anyone can build a website, microsite or other web technology. The difference with Sprint Interactive is in the quality of our work, the foresight, flexibility and, of course, OUR PROCESS.

The websites we make elicit the reactions we set out to achieve as well as becoming the cornerstone of your new digital marketing engine.

Your business needs to stand out and steal attention! We rarely get a second chance to make a first impression, and in a world saturated by media, you've only a tiny window of opportunity to connect with your viewers and convert them to customers. 'Good design is good business', so let's make it happen.

Information websites

These websites are dedicated to the purpose of providing information - whether free or paid. These information web sites might be catering to a niche industry or be wider in their scope. Information web site can also contain updated time tables, TV guides, reference material, sports data (like cricket scores), weather and stock data.

Mobile website

Your customers want to see the website now. Not when they get home. Not when they reach the office. Your customers want to see, read and order now, from their tablet or Smartphone. So when they find a site or app that will let them do that, they'll stick with it.

Mobile websites allow you to work comfortably out of the office, or other workplace. They make life easier for managers, sales representatives, as well as all other employees, operating on advanced computer systems.

Software & App GUI development

Your new application or software has game-changing features. Your product has it all. But what about the user interface? Good user interface design helps people work more confidently and complete tasks more efficiently. Great user interface design builds brand loyalty.

Our user interface design team can work with your product engineers to create an elegant, intuitive user experience that matches up perfectly with your audience's needs and expectations. Because it's not just a user interface. It's how your customers see you.

E-Commerce website

Buy now: two small words that carry a world of urgency and immediacy. Your customers want it. They click it. They buy it. When your e-commerce site is powerful and intuitive they find, click and buy faster.

We specialize in the e-commerce platforms. It's scalable, so you can create the size of store you need now and let it grow with you. It makes adding or changing products and content simple. And it makes clicking buy now less of an option; more of a likelihood.

Content Management Systems

A content managed website is a further refinement of the database driven dynamic site. The content management system provides a password protected interface through which users can add, edit and remove content from the site. A content management system is particularly useful in the case of large sites which have numerous contributors, some of whom may be working from remote locations.

Benefits of using our Content Management system:
  • Instant or scheduled automatic updates for website content.
  • Manage multiple languages & currencies.
  • Easy content syndication.
  • Built-in Workflow and Collaboration Tools
  • Our content management systems automatically optimize & resize images
  • Site wide search
  • No Programming knowledge required

Community Portals

When you engage with your staff and customers you open a whole new world of communication that can transform what you do, and the way people feel about you.

When your people have the resources they need at their fingertips they are far more efficient. When they are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas they're more likely to do so. And when they have a way to get their ideas heard, they are more likely to help your company reach its potential.

Customers want trusted relationships, not plain advertising. Community is an effective way to build your brand in a new way. The chance to build awareness, less expensively and more effectively. The chance to gain brand champions - customers who do your selling for you. Whether you need flexible intranet space or a groundbreaking community for your customers, we'll help you develop the social business solution that lets you talk more effectively with the people that matter.

Case Study - ALN Website