discovery & inspiration process

Each project is started by collecting essential information from the client about their business using the client brief. Sprint Interactive also researches the client's industry.

Developing the logo design concept is where imagination and creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief and research conducted, this is where we let our imagination run wild.

In the case of Fumbua our imagination led us to the solar system. We made a connection between the way data sets relate to Fumbua with the way the solar bodies gravitate around the sun.


design sketches

Sketches and ideas are created and collected first on paper, and then produced digitally. We then refine the sketched icon in Adobe Illustrator.

When the icon is perfect and to our liking, we review internally and then move on to the logo typography.


typography process

Having our icon created, we now want to apply the company name. The best way to do that would be to create another similar rounded type face for the name.

Choosing the right Typography is a very important part of the logo development process. Since icon is very round we have decided to use a simple font with rounded corners, but without any complex details. By merging the U and M we make the logo more compact and occupy less space.

Once this process is done we find a way to merge the logo type with the icon created.


All our logos are delivered in the following formats:
Adobe Illustrator , Transparent background versions in Adobe Photoshop, and Bitmap formats.